Leah K

Elkae Salon's Lead Hair Stylist
Leah is a Nationally Certified Master Colorist & Stylist with 20+ years in the beauty industry with a "twist". She is a former color educator for Farouk Systems (the makers of CHI hair products) for over 16 years.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Law and has worked in law for 18 years as well.  She retired from law over 13 years ago to solely concentrate on fulfilling all her clients hair needs.  She is master certified in color correction, advanced color, and is a master extension specialist. 

As the lead stylist at Elkae Salon, Leah is here to make sure that everything about your visit is perfect. Your decision to visit us is a choice that we deeply appreciate. Leah constantly strives to deliver the best services and products available in the Largo area. If there’s anything that Elkae Salon can do to improve your visit, just let us know.
My E-Mail: elkaesalon@aol.com